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Tips for a Healthy Spine

Help to maintain flexibility and strength of you back, abdominal and leg muscles. Improve your awareness of postures and body mechanics. Work in mid or neutral positions and maintain the 3 spinal curves.


  • Get assistance for heavy or awkward objects
  • Do not twist while lifting, instead move one foot at a time in the direction you want to move – move your while body as a unit.
  • Always push rather than pull whenever possible
  • Keep your feet shoulder width apart and point toes outward
  • Use neutral positions of the spine whenever possible – maintain the three natural spine curves
  • To help support your spine, tighten your stomach muscles when you lift.
  • Do NOT bend at your waist, bend at your knees, allowing your stronger thigh muscles to do the actual lifting
  • Avoid squatting with heavy weight – utilize kneeling postures when able
  • Do not jerk, move slowly and deliberately
  • Keep the load close your your body – the closer the load is to your spine, the less force it will exert on your back

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  • Change position frequently
  • Stand with one foot up on a low stool
  • Maintain good posture: Head up & centered over your thorax – avoid forward head postures. Keep shoulders back – avoid slouched postures. Maintain the 3 natural spinal curves

Sleeping Postures

  • Avoid sleeping on soft, non-supportive surfaces
  • Try to avoid sleeping on your stomach
  • It is best for your spine if you sleep on your side or back: If sleeping on your back, place a pillow under your knees to maintain spinal curves
  • If sleeping on your side, bend your knees to ease pressure on your spine. You may also want to place a pillow between your knees

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