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Congratulations Suzette Moore 15 Years with SLST Paso and Team Movement for Life!

Congratulations on 15 years

An Amazing Journey

In a time when job hopping is the “new normal” and according the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average employee stays with a position for 4.4 years, Suzette is an absolute gem, demonstrating strong commitment and loyalty to SLST Paso and Team Movement for Life for the last 15 years.  These days you may see Suzette greeting you at the front office or with the phone to her ear, diligently working to verify physical therapy insurance benefits and also working closely with our remote billing team and medical offices.

Suzette brings such creativity and consistency to SLST Paso.  We are so proud of her for making the huge leap from the clinical world of paper charts to electronic medical records.  We appreciate Suzette for all she does and for what she brings to our team.  Congratulations and thank you, Suzette, for an amazing 15 years, here’s to many more.     Jason R. & Serena R.

In the very early days and months of SLST-Paso, there were only 3 of us (Suzette with Jason Sanders and Kelly Sanders) in the clinic.  We all had a secondary role of “Chief Cook and Bottle Washer.”  Suzette was always ready to pitch in regardless of whether it was doing the duties she was hired for or whatever other duty came up.  I remember her helping me in a pinch on the floor with a patient and also doing double duty to get ready for a physician lunch.  She barely had a proper desk when she started (it may have still been a folding table that we borrowed) but she was there, contributing whatever she could to help the clinic get on its feet…and 15 years later, she is the steady, constant presence she has been since the beginning of the SLST-Paso location.     Kelly S.

As the office has grown, Directors have moved on, physical therapists, aides and other team members have come and gone, office configurations have changed multiple times, but Suzette has been the one constant in the Paso Robles location.    Jason S.



In her leisure time, Suzette exemplifies “Movement for Life “with her physically active lifestyle.  She is dedicated to taking daily bike rides or walks on the beautiful beaches of the Central Coast!     Serena R.


Suzette is always creative and a good competitor….I remember multiple company BBQ’s and chili cook offs that Suzette won.  She is so talented and creative in her entries…and wins a lot! Kelly S.



In her own words, Suzette reflects on her “AMAZING JOURNEY” with San Luis Sports Therapy and Team Movement for Life, “when I started my journey, there we only 3 of us, Kelly and Jason Sanders and me.  We had one desk, 2 tables and a fraction of the equipment.  I did everything from scheduling our small handful of patients to cleaning toilets and laundry.  We’ve grown from 3 employees to 20 employees and from 3 offices to 20 offices.  I have seen a lot of incredible changes and hope to see a lot more.”

Thank you all, Suzette



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