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Strength Training Paso Robles

Are you among many individuals who are intimidated by strength training?  Do you envision an Olympic weight lifter, raising hundreds of pounds over their head?  Are you afraid of hurting or injuring yourself?  You are not alone.  The two most common concerns preventing people from beginning a strength training routine in their lives include the risk of injury or sudden heart attack.   Scientific evidence shows the health benefits of beginning a strength training routine far outweigh these concerns.    

Our highly educated team at SLST Paso is here to put your mind at ease by sharing information on:

  • reasons why strength training (aka: resistance training) is important at any age
  • various methods of strength training
  • basic guidelines to follow when beginning a resistance training program.

Ultimately, we are here to ensure your success with strength training, therefore a complimentary consultation is offered to discuss your goals and help you establish your starting point based on your current physical capabilities. 

Research has shown strength training (aka: resistance training) to be an essential, all-natural and powerful component in:

  • disease prevention (osteoporosis, depression, cardiovascular and stroke)
  • reducing signs and symptoms in chronic diseases (High blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, depression)
  • strengthening bones
  • pain management
  • Improving posture helping you move easier to enjoy life more
  • keeping you independent by regaining and progressing your daily functional performance
  • restoring balance and reducing falls
  • weight management

The American Heart Association (AHA) has proven strength training (aka: resistance training) in the correct format and frequency, not only makes you stronger, but also increases your cardiovascular or aerobic capacity.  Various safe and efficient methods of strength training are recommended:

  • Free weights: classic strength training tools such as dumbbells or barbells
  • Resistance Tubing/Bands: like giant rubber bands, providing resistance when stretched.  They are portable and can be adapted to most workouts.  The bands provide a continuous resistance throughout a movement.
  • Medicine balls: weighted balls
  • Kettlebells: a round weight with a flat bottom and thick handle on top.
  • Weight Machines: devices that have adjustable seats with handles attached either to weights or hydraulics.
  • Your own body weight: used for squats, push-ups and chin ups.  Body weight exercises are convenient, especially when at home, work or traveling.

SLST Paso’s basic guidelines* to begin a strength training (aka: resistance training) program:

  1. Work with an expert, such as a Doctor of Physical Therapy or a Certified Personal Trainer, to establish your:
    • Goal(s) and Motivation:
      • What do you want to accomplish? Why do you want to begin a strength training program?
    • Starting Point:
      • What is your current physical capability? When you establish a starting point a customized exercise program is designed specifically for you to ensure safe and efficient results with your strength training program.
    • Schedule of consistent appointments for coached strength training. The best strength training program includes:
      • 2-3 strength training days per week, ideally with one day between strength training for all healthy adults (age 18-65).
      • 8-10 different strength training exercises working major muscle groups, quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteals, biceps, triceps, pectorals and back muscles.
      • 2-3 sets of 10 repetitions of each strength training exercise. Our experts in human movement and strength training at San Luis Sports Therapy, Paso Robles are here to prescribe the appropriate dose and method of strength training; reducing your risk for injury, helping you overcome any physical barriers or to progress your current strength training program.
      • Every 4-8 weeks modify or progress your strength training program. In order to continually enhance your strength training, variations to the specific strength training exercises must occur for your body to adapt and show the strength training results you desire.


  • Stay in control at all times; move slowly.
  • Stop if pain occurs.
  • Exhale with the resistance or as you push or lift the weight.

*Recommendations based off the AHA and American College of Sports Medicine guidelines.

Call to schedule your complimentary consultation to establish your starting point! 

Strength Training Paso Robles

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