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September Member of the Month!

Rachel Knott
September 2015 Member of the Month!

This month we’re featuring Rachel Knott!
Her dedication to her health and fitness is inspiring! 


Rachel was born and raised in Fountain Valley, CA. From there she got a little tour of the United States with her husband, Kris, courtesy of the United States Coast Guard. They lived in Michigan and Alaska before coming back to California. Kris and Rachel have family in Paso Robles which is what brought them here 18 years ago.

Rachel works for Peoples’ Self-Help Housing in San Luis Obispo. Her official title is IT Help Desk Technician but her family likes to joke that she is a “certified nerd.” Rachel’s husband, Kris, is now retired as a chief petty officer from the USCG but still currently works for the Monterey County Sheriff’s Department as a Deputy Sheriff.

Kris and Rachel have two daughters, Antje and Ansley. Antje is 26 and a Marketing Communications Coordinator, Ansley is 23 and graduated from SDSU last year with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Finance.

Rachel joined our gym about one year ago after attending Physical Therapy for chronic lower back pain. She decided to continue with her physical activity to prevent re-injury or any future injuries and to better her way of life. At first, Rachel was inconsistently attending classes with her husband, Kris. Rachel decided to get serious about her health and fitness about 6 months ago and started regularly attending evening classes with Jen and JR. Rachel tries to attend the 6 pm classes Monday – Friday, occasionally something will prevent her from attending a class but she won’t let that hold her back or slow her down!

Her favorite memory of working out at SLST – PR is when her husband is able to attend the workouts with her, she also enjoys attending the Therapizer’s softball games where she gets to cheer on those who continually cheer her on!

Rachel has had one major goal, to lose 20 pounds of fat. This month, she reached her goal! Congratulations Rachel! She plans on continuing to keep herself healthy and in shape, she is enjoying her healthy lifestyle and recently discovered she can now fit into her daughters clothes! Whooo! Lock your closets ladies!!!! Rachel appreciates that Jen and JR push her to the limit and ignore her whining, which is a talent in itself! Rachel says, “They are the BEST!”

Rachel had great things to say about her time here as a patient for Physical Therapy as well, “Everyone I worked with during the course of my treatments were very knowledgeable and friendly, from the front desk, to the aides, to the Physical Therapists. They have a very educated and well-rounded staff!”

Rachel tells her friends, “The staff at San Luis Sports Therapy – Paso Robles are super friendly and tough all at the same time! They work within my needs and tailor my workouts to my personal strengths and needs. My trainers are aware of my previous back issues and incorporate exercises into my workouts to help improve my back and keep me moving! I am very happy with my entire experience at San Luis Sports Therapy Paso Robles and appreciate the personal attention I have received across the board!”

Not to mention her back pain is almost completely gone!!


Rachel before she started her fitness program at San Luis Sports Therapy and after at about 5 months & almost to her goal! Is it us or does she look 10 years younger and 10 times happier!?

San Luis Sports Therapy- Paso Robles
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Paso Robles, CA 93446
(805) 226-0975

Thank you for the kind words, Rachel! Congratulations on meeting your weight loss goal and being September’s Member of the Month! Keep up the great work!

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