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San Luis Sports Therapy Philosophy

San Luis Sports Therapy Philosophy

Our San Luis Sports Therapy location in Paso Robles is a 7500 square foot physical therapy and fitness clinic. When we work with you we provide an integrated approach considering your goals based on how comfortably you move, your medical history, current physical fitness and nutrition. Before you even think about starting one of San Luis Sports Therapy’s programs we give you a FREE consultation.

This consultation helps you determine where your body is now so that you have all the critical information you need before you even consider starting our programs or any other physical therapy or gym programs.


San Luis Sports Therapy Philosophy

Company Mission

Movement for Life Clinics strive to provide wide-access to a physically active lifestyle through a variety of treatment & services efficiently delivered by able professionals in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere as part of the communities we serve.

Core Values

  • Care & Compassion for the Client Comes First
  • Pride in the Services Offered
  • Community Minded Approach

Company Vision

  • Recruit, Retain & Reward the Best Employees
  • Provide Cutting Edge Services & Management
  • Expansion and Growth of our Team, our Services, our Facilities, & our Company
  • Effective & Efficient Communication & Teamwork


Providing movement for life because
movement is living