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Relay For Life Recap- Team San Luis Sports Therapy

Paso Robles Relay For Life Recap

Team San Luis Sports Therapy

The 2015 Paso Robles Relay For Life was a great success! Team San Luis Sports Therapy walked in the heat, rain, wind, rain again and enjoyed a beautiful rainbow, breath taking sunset and early morning sunrise!
Our Physical Therapist and Director, Jason Roda arrived up Saturday morning to take to the track and then again Saturday afternoon and lastly at 4:30 am Sunday morning to help us finish out the 24 hours strong!
Physical Therapist and Director, Serena Roda, arrived Saturday afternoon to do some laps even after a long day of classes in SLO!
physical therapyPhysical Therapist Jen Seay joined us from 7:30 pm – Midnight, also after a long day of class in SLO. She didn’t let the late start hold her back though, Jen kicked butt and walked about 10 miles STRAIGHT!
Physical Therapist Jen Uyeda brought backup, her boyfriend (who took some of the amazing pictures below) and roommate, they walked Saturday evening even after Jen had all day classes in SLO as well. She came back Sunday morning to do a few laps for us before heading BACK to class!
PT Aides Kyle and Katie walked the crazy hours of 1 am-4 am walking about 10 miles, maybe a little more, Kyle’s OCD kicked in and he had to meet 20,000 steps before he would quit, dragging Katie along with him!
Our Certified Personal Trainer Jen Myers stopped in with her mom early Saturday morning to do a few laps and see what Relay was all about! For most of our team and their families this was the first time experiencing the ACS Relay For Life!
PT Aide Stacy Andersen brought her mom, dad and brother who not only walked the track for our team but also took advantage of the games at Relay For Life, they played some Cornhole and enjoyed each other’s company at this fun event!
PT Aide Emily Plale brought her mom and dad as well, you may have seen her dad if you were there, he was the one dancing around the track swinging his string of beads that represented how many laps he did, over his head! It was quite entertaining, people were cheering!

I can not thank the San Luis Sports Therapy team enough! I may have volunteered them to join this year but there has already been talk of participating in next years Relay! We have a very supportive and incredible group of employees here and they’re passionate about health and fitness and Relay For Life is all about helping those fighting for their health battling cancer, making it very near and dear to their hearts!

San Luis Sports Therapy- Paso Robles
1345 Park St
Paso Robles, CA 93446
(805) 226-0975

As of today, San Luis Sports Therapy – Paso Robles raised $399.23, our finance committee is still counting money and we’re still accepting donations, so please feel free to donate HERE! We will be sure to keep you posted on a final total as soon as we know!


The Paso Robles Relay for Life as a whole raised $61.322.39 and counting!


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