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Nutrition - San Luis Sports Therapy - Paso Robles

Interested in starting a new path toward feeling better,

but not sure where to start?


Working hard & focusing on eating well

but just not getting the results you desire…



Life-changing, research-driven nutritional coaching.

         In today’s society with access to instantaneous information, you may be finding the amount of nutrition and diet information a little confusing, maybe even overwhelming and sometimes contradictory.  We are all searching for the secret to weight loss and long term maintenance once we achieve our goal.

Are you tired of the mixed messages on what type of nutrition and exercise plan to follow?

SLST’s Nutrition Coaching

SLST’s Certified Precision Nutrition coaches are here to provide an individualized plan considering both nutrition and exercise.  Our Nutritional Package includes a successful approach and strategies you can work into your life.

A successful approach begins by using outcome based decisions to guide you and your coaching team in

  • Goal setting
  • Establishing your starting nutrition level
  • Education with nutrition lessons
  • Follow-up assessments on nutritional journals and outcomes
  • Precision Nutrition research-driven suggestions for nutritional adjustments based on your individual progress toward your established goals
  • Support

Strategies to begin new food choices and exercise habits you are able to sustain.

  • Establishing behavioral goals
  • Steps you have direct control over and are committed to for an established time frame
  • Support

A Recommended Nutrition Coaching Schedule

  • 12 months of our coaching curriculum
  • Online Nutritional Coaching Platform –  Daily Habits and Lessons
  • Simple habit-based nutrition promoting calorie control, nutrient timing and food selection you can work into your lifestyle.

START TODAY by applying to SLST’s Nutrition for Life program here!


Nutrition Package – 12 months* *Guaranteed lasting changes when you follow the curriculum and guidance of your coach.


Our team’s ultimate goal is for you to be successful while making healthy lifestyle habit changes.

Our program is an in depth nutrition package designed to help you overcome barriers you may encounter while implementing healthy nutrition habits in your lifestyle.

  • Convenient online coaching
  • Daily nutrition habits and lessons reviewed by our certified nutritionist with recommendations bringing you closer to your health and fitness goals with lasting changes to your overall lifestyle.
  • Meal planning conducive to your daily schedule working toward your health and fitness goals.



Jennifer Christy Myers, Certified Personal Trainer Certified Precision Nutrition Level 1

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Serena Roda, PT, Doctor of Physical Therapy Certified Precision Nutrition Level 1











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