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November 2015 – Member of the Month

Congratulations to Donna Felgenhauer our November 2015 Member of the Month!


Donna has lived here in Paso Robles for most of her life and has been very active in our community. Her name or face might seem familiar to you, she has been a preschool teacher at Saint Rose School for 5 years and worked in Kindergarten for 4 years previously to that.

Donna and her husband, Jess, owned two businesses here in town. J-N-J’s Texaco at 17th and Spring Street and J-N-Js Food Mart at the North end of town. They named the businesses after their kids, the J’s stand for Jennifer, Jerry and Jesse! They no longer own the businesses, they made the decision to sell them to have more family time.

Donna and Jess were highschool sweethearts, they married and had their three kids. You likely know two out of the three, Jen and JR are both Certified Personal Trainers working right here in the Paso clinic! They have a third and younger brother, Jesse. Jesse got his degree from Cal Poly in Geology and currently lives in Morro Bay. Jen, JR and Jesse grew up doing exercises tapes with Donna and now she gets to come to San Luis Sports Therapy to work out with them!

Donna has been participating in our gym membership for about two years now, and says she is having a lot of fun working out with her kids and occasionally Certified Personal Trainer Tammy when she teaches the classes. Donna says she has always liked to exercise and eat right but as she gets older her body is changing and she knows the exercises and her habits have to change also! Donna says, “That’s what I love about SLST they know what is right for you and your goal.”

Donna is also a breast cancer survivor and our team of Certified Personal Trainers are honored to be helping her regain her upper body strength!

It’s clear to us Donna is one tough cookie! Keep up the great work Donna, you’ve earned the title of Member of the Month! 



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