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Who needs fitness coaching anyway?

Who should invest in fitness coaching anyway?

Definitely do not consider investing in yourself unless you are currently looking to improve your health and fitness results.  Only those who are ready to make serious change, overcome barriers and achieve amazing results should hire a fitness coach.

Why should you invest in a fitness coach? 

A fitness coach provides a long term plan with guidance, support, motivation, and encouragement to keep you moving toward your goals.  Ultimately, hiring a fitness coach is an investment in you to be your personal best.  Invest in yourself in 2017.

Discover the benefits of hiring a Fitness Coach

Many of you reading have these very thoughts cruising through your head right now, “I already know what I need to do.  I can exercise to lose weight, get fit or train for my next 5k on my own.  I just need to do it.  Why would I need to hire a fitness coach?”  Wait, maybe you are thinking, “No way, would I hire a fitness coach right now.  A coach would kill me; I am way too far out of shape.  I need to start on my own before I consider hiring a fitness coach.”

Are you

  1. looking to begin your fitness journey and are not sure how or where to start,
  2. already experienced in fitness yet not achieving the results you expect based on your knowledge and feel like something is missing or blocking your progress, or
  3. a competitor training at a higher level and interested in performing even better?

Discover the benefits of hiring a fitness coach in 2017; no matter your starting point or current physical condition.

Feeling like you are too far out of shape to even start?  New to fitness and too afraid to start?  You are not alone; the American Council on Exercise (ACE) conducted a survey finding 21 percent of their 1500 participants skip exercise because they do not know what to do to get started.  Take the first step and invest in you by hiring a fitness coach.  Hiring a fitness coach allows you to

  1. safely start your journey from where you currently are both physically and mentally,
  2. overcome fear in a supportive and encouraging environment,
  3. establish both short and long term action-oriented goals, and
  4. develop an individualized and professionally designed exercise plan as a guide to achieving your success.

For those of you feeling experienced enough in fitness to get started on your own, you may actually have the knowledge to throw together a “workout” based on your years of experience in the gym or from your prior more athletic days. You definitely can follow a trendy exercise program in a magazine or on a DVD.  That is until you get bored or are entirely too sore to continue after the first week; because even though you haven’t worked out in a months or even years you jump right in where you left off.  Better yet, you may need to wait to start back at the gym because you “should be in better” shape with all this knowledge of fitness you wouldn’t want anyone to see you in your current physical state.  The benefits of you investing in a fitness coach include:

  1. completing a fitness diagnostic to determine your current physical capabilities and reduce your risk for injury allowing you to stick with your fitness program,
  2. effective and efficient solutions to those barriers making you feel like something is missing or as if your brakes are on and you are spinning your wheels as fast as you can but you are going nowhere, and
  3. designing a long-term, evidence based and guided fitness program; avoiding boredom and those random day to day workouts creates focus moving you toward the results you desire.

Some of you are top level competitors or aspire to be to compete at higher levels at any age. You strive for high achievement not only in your work, but you also desire this high achievement in your fitness performance as well.   Let’s call you the “executive athletes”, those of you who are very limited on the time you have to commit to fitness yet you expect only the best results.  The benefits of the “executive athlete” hiring a fitness coach include:

  1. establishing SMART (specific, measureable, action oriented, defining resources needed and a definite time line) athletic goal(s), such as setting a personal best in your next 5K or compete in your first Spartan Race in the next 3 months,
  2. reducing your risk of injury while training with a thorough fitness diagnostic assessment based on your desired performance goal(s),
  3. developing a professionally designed fitness program specific to your desired goal so you don’t have to take the time or worry about what to do for training, and
  4. assuring your most effective and efficient performance each and every exercise session.

Our Fitness Coaches and Doctors of Physical Therapy are here for you at San Luis Sports Therapy.  No matter your starting point or current physical condition we design a program specific for you.   Make 2017 the year you invest in yourself.

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