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Happy Middle Name Pride Day

Today, March 10th, is Middle Name Pride Day!

We love bizarre holidays here at San Luis Sports Therapy – Paso, and we thought we’d celebrate this unique holiday by sharing our middle names and how they came about! Some of us have some pretty good stories and some of us share a family name! Check out what everyone had to say!


Lindie NICOLE – Lindie’s mom liked the name Nicole, but had already picked out her first name by combining her two grandmothers names, so to incorporate Nicole into her name she just made it her middle name! Lindie is also due to have a little girl of her own any day and has decided to share her middle name with her daughter, naming her Kinley Nicole! How sweet!

Emily ROSE – To quote Emily’s mother “Cause your mama loves roses and carnations….and well, Emily Rose fits better than Emily Carnation. Haha!” We absolutely love this reasoning Nancy! Emily also has a new little one of her own and gave him the middle name of his daddy. Connor SHEA. It also gives Connor the initials of his grandfather! Love the family connection and meaning!

Suzette MARIE – Suzette wasn’t sure where Marie came from and comes from a large family so to quote Suzette “I guess after 6 kids you start running out of names to pick from!” HaHa! Great answer Suzette!

Antje RAVEN – Antje says her dad got to pick her middle name since her mom didn’t give him much of a choice on the first name. She once asked her dad where Raven came from and he explained the Raven was the first bird sent from the Ark. Fun fact, her initials are actually ARK.

Katie JEAN – Katie’s name comes from family, she shares JEAN as a middle name with her grandmother!

Michaela QUINN – Michaela is literally named after “Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman” whose full name is Michaela Quinn! I googled it, it checks out!

Mackenzie NIKOLE – Mackenzie likes to think the real reason Lindie gave Kinley the middle name Nicole was after her, of course. The story on how Mackenzie’s middle name came about is that her father wanted to name her Nikole and call her Niki. Mom vetoed this decision since an Aunt’s name is Vicky and didn’t want Niki and Vicky (although, we think that makes a great band name or something!) So, dad got the middle name, leading to Nikole, with a K!

Cody JOSEPH – Cody knows his middle name, thankfully, but when asked where Joseph came from the story got really interesting. To quote Cody, “I don’t know…”

Serena MAE – Serena’s name also is a family name, Mae happens to be her grandmother’s middle name and to honor her, she was blessed with her name!

Jennifer CHRISTY – Jen says, her parents liked the name Christy but the “J” names run in the family. Her family owned J-N-J’s for those of you familiar with our area. So needing a J name but still liking the name Christy, they came up with Jennifer and included Christy by making it her middle name!

Jeffrey WAYNE – Jeff’s middle name is an ode to his father, who also shares the middle name Wayne. Jeff’s father actually goes by Wayne as his name!

Emilee ANNE – Emilee says her middle name is a family name but also “it’s kind of confusing.” She wasn’t wrong! Emilee has an aunt named Nancy Anne, and kept the name Anne in the family by naming her son Andrew. Emilee was supposed to be Andrew, to keep it going, if she was a boy. Since she was a girl they went with Emilee and gave her the middle name of Anne to keep the family name. I asked her why they didn’t give Anne as the first name, she explained that Emilee is her dad’s great-great grandma’s name! Whoa! Did you follow that!?

Jennifer MARIE – Jen wasn’t 100% sure where her middle name came from, so she contact her father who responded with, “We just like the combination of Jennifer and Marie. Sorry for no great story!” Hey, the story about not having a story is still technically a story! (Whoa, mind blown!)



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