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Michaela’s 2 Year Anniversary with SLST Paso!


Michaela has been with San Luis Sports Therapy for 2 years this month!

Congratulations Michaela!


Michaela began her journey with San Luis Sports Therapy as a Physical Therapy Aide, a vital part of our team! Michaela helps the days run smoothly at SLST Paso. She keeps her treatment team on schedule by greeting clients with a smile and guiding the exercise programs outlined by the physical therapist she is assisting for the day. Michaela’s love for fitness contributes to her knack in guiding client’s to perform exercises with the most effective form and help them prevent injury. You will also see Michaela coaching group fitness classes and personal training clients.


Thank you for all you contribute to SLST and TEAM MOVEMENT FOR LIFE! Here is what a few of her co-workers have to say about her…


Michaela is a bright light in our facility, and she always greets each day with a smile and pep in her step. She has a fun, upbeat, can-do attitude that makes her a joy to work with. She anticipates the patients’ needs, allowing for seamless treatment of patient and makes my job as a physical therapist much less stressful as a result. – Mackenzie D.


Michaela’s upbeat and positive perspective are appreciated. We are fortunate and grateful to have her as part of our team. THANK YOU MICHAELA ! – Serena R.


Michaela is so much fun to be around! She might be the sweetest person on the planet and she’s always laughing at something! You can’t help but smile when you’re around Michaela! -Antje K.


Michaela is always positive and upbeat! Just a joy to work with. – Emily P.


Michaela always brings such a bright positive energy to the work environment! Michaela always has a smile on her face and is always there to help when needed, she just make it a better place to be when she’s here. Happy Work Anniversary Michaela! – Kyle H.


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