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Members of the Month – May 2015

Joan and Norm Scott
May 2015 Members of the Month!

What a surprise and honor to be chosen as Members of the Month for May. SLST has been an important source of encouragement, good advice, and treatment, as needed, for us. And it is a pleasure to be able to say “Thank you all!” in print.



We were born on opposite sides of the country – Joan in a Finnish community in the UP Michigan, Norman in Los Angeles. By good luck we met 59 years ago this month at Humboldt State in Arcata, and were married 4 months later. And the adventures began.

Norman is a herpetologist who has caught and studied reptiles and other animals since he was young. Joan is an artist with a practical streak who got a degree in education to help support herself and the family.

Our first big adventure was buying a pickup, saving $1,000 and spending 9 marvelous months in a small fishing village in Mexico. We made friends, learned Spanish and captured all kinds of animals.

We returned to Arcata where Joan taught 4th grade, Norm received a Masters degree, and then our son Brian was born. We set off with our 6 month old son to drive to Costa Rica where Norm taught biology courses over the next 7 years. Our daughter, Elena, was born during those years.

Norman finished his PhD from USC and we moved back to the University of Connecticut for 6 years, then to Albuquerque where Joan got her 4-year BFA art degree at UNM. We had 20 interesting years and many friendships there while Norm traveled all over Africa and South America, chasing monkeys and catching snakes. Joan developed her art, but ended up teaching again in an exciting gifted program.


Twenty two years ago we moved to the Central Coast, with 2 years living at the Piedras Blancas lighthouse, hearing the elephant seals calling at night, and building our house in the oaks near Creston.

Now, slowly, we are sorting and downsizing our lives to move to Joshua Tree to be near family. (There are lots of reptiles and an exciting art community there!)

Norm was a runner for most of his life, switching to bike riding and finally walking as his knees got creaky. Joan has participated in various exercise programs and always enjoys swimming off tropical beaches.
Right now, our second home is SLST-Paso! Joan began therapy here before and after a hip replacement over 10 years ago. Serena, before she married Jason, was her therapist. Joan’s first local art show was here at SLST. When Norm retired he joined her as a “regular” working out on the machines, with tips from the staff.

It was a challenge and a treat to join the Power Moves classes when they began, and we both immediately saw results. A big plus is a sense of partnership with our leader, Tammy Motley, and the other class members, who have become friends and mentors (to our older bones and bodies). Our main goal is to remain healthy and active for all the years we have left.

We are always impressed by the professional and caring attitude of everyone working here. It’s a pleasure to walk in to warm greetings and words of encouragement as we head to our hour, plus, of carefully crafted exercises (or “torture” as we sometimes call it.) Flexibility, strength and toning make it worthwhile!

We will truly miss the programs and all the folks we have met and worked out with here, as we move on to new adventures.


San Luis Sports Therapy- Paso Robles
1345 Park St
Paso Robles, CA 93446
(805) 226-0975

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