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Members of the Month – June 2015

Congratulations to our Members of the Month for June 2015
Jayne Bower & Rodger Mohme!

Jayne and Rodger’s dedication to their health and fitness is inspiring!

Rodger grew up in Southern California while I, Jayne, am from the Bay Area. We met after he moved my way after college to work for a small computer company. A mutual friend introduced us….yep, a blind date! We moved to Paso 15 years ago after deciding we’d had enough of Silicon Valley. We first lived in Creston and Rodger farmed wine grapes until we packed up all our “kids” and moved into town just under two years ago. Our “kids” have four legs and fur; two golden retrievers, a cat and a guinea pig.


I walked into SLST almost three years ago looking for a new place to work out. We’d gone to Jazzercise for many, many years but I was having some trouble with my back, felt like I wasn’t getting any stronger and, frankly, got tired of the loud music. I’d heard about SLST and decided that a gym attached to a physical therapy practice might be a good fit. If I hurt myself, there was a room full of physical therapists to help me! I met Tammy that day and she made me feel comfortable and welcome so I decided to try the noon class. The workout was different from anything else I’d ever done but I loved it. I’d come home from class and proudly tell Rodger how many pushups I’d done or show him what a burpee was. Much to his surprise (and mine) I kept going and six months later Rodger joined too. Since then we’ve both lost significant weight and credit our workouts, and nutrition advice from Jen, with not only losing the weight but keeping it off.

Jen’s workouts are tough and Tammy is great at helping us modify the exercises if we need to while making sure we are always challenging ourselves to improve. I’m not sure how she does it but she makes these tough workouts fun! All of the trainers (Tammy, Jen, JR and Cheryl) really know their stuff so we’re comfortable taking a class with any of them. The other class members are another reason we keep coming back. Being in a class full of great people who support and encourage each other makes us look forward to each class. We feel like part of a community that cares about, and watches out for, each other. SLST is an important part of our lives and we plan to keep it that way!

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Keep up the great work!

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