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Member of the Month – June 2016

Energy, physical therapy, strength, balance, personal training

Congratulations JoAnn Chavez!

SLST Paso’s Member of the Month June 2016 

“I was motivated to come to San Luis Sports Therapy initially for Physical Therapy and then learned they had a gym program too. I wanted better balance, more energy, and more strength.

The turning point for me was becoming emotionally ready to take the time for me – an opportunity to succeed and to get back to the activities I once enjoyed – and to pave a road for myself for a healthier future.

Immediately after joining the program I realized what a great decision I’d made. Physically, I faced where I was and how much I could improve with the competent staff and comfortable environment – a combination for success.

After completing one year at San Luis Sports Therapy, I am physically stronger with better balance and flexibility – and I feel happier.

I am excited now – looking forward to another year knowing the benefits!

Thank-you to everyone at San Luis Sports Therapy for making this a wonderful experience.”     JoAnn Chavez

Our SLST team of doctors of physical therapy and certified personal trainers not only congratulate, but also commend JoAnn Chavez for her dedication over the past year!

JoAnn participates in Ultimate Results Personal Training guided and customized exercise sessions on average two per week.  She now performs at a higher physical level with more confidence, energy, strength, and balance; in part due to her vigilance in addressing and not ignoring acute injuries which arise with her physically active life on the ranch.  She also realizes those chronic aches and pains from years of hard work can be minimized with hands on physical therapy techniques and other alternative therapies as needed.

JoAnn is definitely a mover and a shaker, someone who is determined to continue to perform comfortably at higher physical levels on her working ranch.  She has mentioned on several occasions she desires to not only maintain a working ranch, but to continue to enjoy all aspects including training horses and competing in team roping events for many more years.  She has shown an unbelievable commitment to improving her health and taking control of those pesky aches and pains that were keeping her from enjoying her work and hobbies.

Congratulations again JoAnn for making MOVEMENT FOR LIFE a habit!!!!

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