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Fitness Member of the Month – August 2016

On the go, Jennifer made time for MOVEMENT FOR LIFE during her latest work adventure to Team Movemenf for Life's Palm Springs region, Avid Physical Therapy.

On the go, Jennifer made time for MOVEMENT FOR LIFE during her latest work adventure to Team Movement for Life’s Palm Springs region, Avid Physical Therapy.

Congratulations Jennifer Uyeda!!!

As a traveling physical therapist with a hectic and sometimes unpredictable schedule, Jennifer Uyeda makes MOVEMENT FOR LIFE a priority!  Her doctoral degree in physical therapy and board certification specialty in orthopedics provides her with more than enough knowledge to “workout” on her own.  However, she sees value in hiring a certified personal trainer to design her exercise program specific to her goals.  Her dedication to a customized and progressive strength training routine over the last year is admirable.  Jennifer has earned the recognition as the August 2016 Fitness Member of the Month at the Paso Robles location of San Luis Sports Therapy.


Read more from Dr. Jennifer Uyeda, physical therapist and board certified orthopedic specialist, in her own words.

Jen Uyeda

“I am the float physical therapist for Team Movement for Life and I understand how important it is to maintain and adopt a healthy lifestyle which includes staying active and eating healthy.  I use to go to the local gym and do some cardio 2-3 times a week, but was not that motivated to go to weight lifting classes.  I noticed most of the instructors were teaching exercises without providing modifications for those that were unable to perform those exercises for a variety of reasons.  I could see injuries in the making at these gym classes.

So when I found out that the Paso SLST clinic was providing small group personal training and their highly trained personal trainers were developing personalized programs for each member based on their starting point in fitness, I decided to sign up.  The staff has helped identify that my main weakness was mostly a lack of strength.  Push-ups would hurt my wrists and now I no longer have wrist pain and my quality of push-ups keeps improving.

I also love the nutrition advice that I get from the staff.  I find it fun to look up recipes on Pinterest to get ideas on how to add more vegetables in my diet and then I share those ideas with fellow Ultimate Results gym members.   Everyone I workout with is always super nice and encouraging even at 5:30 in the morning.

Being our company’s in-house traveling physical therapist, it is very hard to find the motivation and time to exercise on a regular basis and to eat healthy.  However, with the encouragement, guidance and advice especially from Jen Myers, she helped me to see that living a healthy lifestyle even when I’m away on work trips is not that difficult to do.   I would ask Jen Myers, CPT, for advice on eating healthy and exercising, when I have to live in a hotel for a week and now I feel confident about maintaining my progress when I am away from home.

My current fitness goal is to always strive to improve myself.  It definitely takes a certain amount of work and motivation to make time to plan healthy meals and snacks for the week.  It also takes commitment to make time to exercise on a regular basis.  However, with the continued support from Paso SLST staff, gym members and friends I will continue to work towards my fitness goal.  Thanks Paso SLST for everything.”


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