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SLST Paso’s May 2016 Members of the Month – Active Aging


Dulcie Brown & Karen Olsen

A Mother’s Day tribute to SLST Paso’s May members of month Dulcie Brown and Karen Olsen; this mother and daughter duo are truly amazing! Don’t be surprised when you catch a glimpse of these motivational and inspirational ladies riding bikes around town. They demonstrate tremendous dedication to active aging which includes a regular fitness program guided by our personal trainers. On those occasions when persistent aches and pains grab their attention for too long their trusted physical therapist is able to get them back on track and moving their best.

Karen has been kind enough to share their story.  In her own words, “like most clients, my mother (age 95) and I (age 70) arrived on SLST’s door in pain, thoroughly believing that we’d never be pain-free again. After a year and a half of plantar fasciitis in my left heel, my right Achilles tendon began to fray, at which point I no longer knew which foot to limp on.

I began working with Jason, or I should say Jason began working on me. Healing didn’t occur overnight, and I managed to injure my left foot in the ball joint area half way through the process, but it wasn’t long before I was hooked on personalized fitness training with Jennifer and JR. Today, I’m pain-free, fit (for a 70-year old!), flexible, and have lost 35 pounds, without losing muscle mass. Plus my back is better than it was in my 20s and my energy level is higher than it’s been in 30 years.
My mother began her journey with SLST due to pain and instability in her left knee, the right having already been replaced. She also began working with Jason, and then graduated to personalized fitness training with Jennifer and JR. To enhance her progress and mine, we came five days a week for some months, then pulled it back to three days a week.

When it became clear that the knee joint was too worn away on the right edges to ever be safe again, she had the knee replaced in May, 2015. And, you guessed it, within weeks she was back working with Jason and with Jennifer and JR. Within a couple of months, her stride returned to dependable, robust service.

What makes SLST such a treasure, and so different from other fitness approaches that we’ve tried, is that the staff begins where you are and stay within your limits of the moment. Respectfully and with fun and humor; the team at SLST Paso knows how to ride the razor’s edge between managing your hurt along the way and ultimately making progress. Which we much appreciate! Thank you, SLST!!!”

Recently, Karen also shared her mother’s goal of reaching her 100th birthday!

Cheers to your continued MOVEMENT FOR LIFE!



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