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March Madness is here!

Every year San Luis Sports Therapy participates in March Madness to raise awareness and funds for the MS Foundation.


Here is how to play!

  1. Suggested donation of $10 to get your t-shirt and register your bracket in the competition.

  2. Visit www.tourneytopia.com/hoops/TeamMovementForLife

  3. If you already have an account from last year, sign in.

  4. If you need to register, click “Need to Register”

  5. Click “Create Account” and review scoring details

  6. “Submit your picks” by filling out the bracket

  7. Click “Submit Now”

  8. Click “Submit Entry to the Main Pool” to play against entrants from all of Movement For Life

  9. Only one entry per donation please!

Thank you for playing & good luck!

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