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March 2015 Members of the Month

Bea & Didier Cop
March 2015 Members of the Month!
Written by Antje Knott, Marketing Communications Coordinator

You can catch Bea & Didier here in the clinic working out with their certified personal trainers, on their morning run or at their busy restaurant, Panolivo!

Bea & Didier’s dedication to their health is evident through their commitment to regular exercise; primarily goals centered on running half marathons or marathons.  They demonstrate daily how, with dedication and setting goals, health, fitness and good nutrition can be accomplished even with busy schedules. 

Bea & Didier relocated from France to San Francisco in 1996 for the company Didier worked for at the time. After living in the big city for a while and realizing it wasn’t for them anymore they found Paso.  Bea and Didier describe Paso as “love at first sight”. With their daughter attending college in the area they decided to make the move from San Francisco to our little town.  The plan being, to start their own business; something they could focus on together.  Surprisingly, the idea was not a restaurant!  It was a Bed and Breakfast!  With land already purchased they began to realize that it wasn’t a great time to be in that industry and the plans quickly changed. Opening Panolivo 11 years ago, they never looked back. 

Bea prides herself in using fresh ingredients and working with local vendors to bring the most delicious and healthy flavors to the plate. When asked, what she would consider the healthiest menu item?  Bea replies, basically, there is no correct answer.  At Panolivo everything is made fresh. Whether you want to eat lightly or splurge, you will find a dish that has been cooked with the best and healthiest possible ingredients.  When Panolivo opened they wanted to offer something different for the area, something healthy and delicious.  Once they succeeded with Panolivo they brought in Jaffa Cafe to offer even MORE!  Jaffa met their standards for using fresh, exciting ingredients and it’s a good balance to Panolivo’s menu, they are complementing each other, offering even more healthy options for their customers.
March 2015 Members of the Month

Bea was first introduced to San Luis Sports Therapy in 2002 when she was having shoulder trouble. She attended Physical Therapy and became familiar with the staff and facility. Bea and Didier decided to participate in a fitness challenge SLST-Paso ran through our gym program.  They completed the challenge and felt great. They signed on as gym members and within 6 months they started to feel a change, physically and mentally. Bea and Didier find time in the early mornings to keep themselves active and sign up for long distance races to keep them focused. Bea had the goal to complete a marathon by her 60th birthday. Not only did she succeed but together they have completed 5K, 10K, Half Marathons and two full Marathons. Currently they are training for their third, the SLO Half Marathon in April! They run at least three times a week, Mondays and Wednesdays they run an average of 3-4 miles, while Saturdays they up their game to 6-10 miles. (Didier points out that if they’re running a Marathon that week it’s, obviously, quite a bit more!) Bea says her running time is when she is most creative.  She can get lost in her own mind, put things into perspective and get creative with her food.  It’s her form of meditation.  

They both agree they will always be active, if they can no longer run, they will walk. Didier jokes that it’s because he wants to make sure Bea gets her running time in to stay creative for the restaurant, but they really just can’t see themselves any other way. Didier credits the team at SLST for his success, he says it was not an individual effort, it took  team and SLST-Paso is his team. Not just in the clinic, outside of the clinic our trainers have joined them in marathons and cheered them on at the finish line.  He has lost a significant amount of weight and has been able to keep it off, despite having his wife Bea, whom he loving refers to as his “own personal chef.”

They have kept with their exercise routine and healthy eating because active and healthy is how they want to live, and they’re doing it every day with the help of their trainers at San Luis Sports Therapy-Paso Robles!

CONGRATULATIONS Bea & Didier our March 2015 Members of the Month!
March 2015 Members of the Month

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