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JR – 2 years at San Luis Sports Therapy Paso Robles


Happy Two Year Work Anniversary JR!

JR joined our Clinic two years ago but his time with San Luis Sports Therapy ┬ádidn’t start there! He was originally hired by the company in February of 2013. He was transferred to Paso for good behavior. Just kidding, he transferred to our clinic when a position opened up and he was hired here in Paso as a Physical Therapy Aide and a Certified Personal Trainer.

When JR isn’t serving his time in the clinic he likes to watch football, he is a long time Raiders fan but can appreciate watching any team play. His passion for football lead him to play for Paso Robles High School (GO BEARCATS)! JR played as a Receiver and Running Back all four years during high school and one year in college.

JR’s favorite memory at the clinic is when a couple employees pranked him here at the office. Weird, I know, that doesn’t sound like our office at all! Lets give you a little backstory on this prank, we have a Halloween decoration that is a witch. She has a motion detection sensor that causes her to cackle or say creepy things when you walk by and she would often find herself hidden throughout the clinic. One morning, at about 5:30 am, JR was minding his own business coming into work to open the clinic, he opened the closet to turn on the lights and activated the witch’s sensor who began to cackle very loudly in his face! Needless to say, we’re lucky JR didn’t need to go home and change his pants that day! We can appreciate a good prank and we’re so glad JR can appreciate them too!

A congratulations in is order, not only for serving two years in the clinic but also because JR married his beautiful wife Jenn just this past September! For those of you who know JR, yes, his wife’s name is Jenn and his sister’s name is Jen!!!

JR is a Certified Personal Trainer, everyday he works with his clients to help them achieve their fitness goals and help improve their way of life. He customizes their programs to meet their individual needs and guides them through the program in his small group personal training sessions. If you have ever gotten the chance to work with JR you know he is serious about wanting to help people better their lives and will do everything in his power to do so.

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