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Still on track for your health goals for 2015?


Health Goals-San Luis Sports Therapy

2015 is off and running…

We are now into the third week of January and many of you are working on your NEW YEAR’S Resolutions. The thing about setting health goals like these is that only 8% of the US population succeeds at them; 92% fail by January 22nd (1). This means that most of you have attacked your goal on the fast track the first week, by the second week not so much and by January 22nd you have given up. Either your New YEAR’s health goals were too hard or more likely it was just too easy to keep your same habits and slip back in your old groove or rut.

Your journey to good health, nutrition and fitness training is a life long journey. Each of your journey’s is occurring along a different path and at various rates; some of you, that 8%, are excellent at taking the fast track and others need to take the slower scenic route. No matter the specific path or speed your journey is occurring at; our team at San Luis Sports Therapy in Paso Robles is here to support you along the way.

We realize it is hard to change the groove or rut that we have put ourselves in, but it is not impossible to change.We just need to be smart about how we go about it. If you have not been able to commit to prescribed nutrition and workout recommendations or are part of the 92% who have slid back or are starting to slide into your old groove, simply reflect and ask yourself a few questions:

Am I clear on what I want and why?

Did I try to make too many changes in my journey at once?

Was I ready to make the nutrition or fitness changes needed to achieve my health goals?

Do I have the knowledge and understanding of how to implement habit changes?

What is my biggest barrier to overcome while working toward my health goals?

Asking these questions is not meant to make you feel like a failure. We understand not everyone is ready and willing to make change happen. You just aren’t ready for your breakthrough on your journey to good health, nutrition and fitness training. Keep our SLST team in mind for the moment you are ready. (2) Those of you who are ready and willing to make change happen on your journey to good health, nutrition and fitness, we just want you to know exactly what our SLST RESULTS program is about helping you to achieve your goal and be your support team on your journey to good health, nutrition and fitness training. Success on this lifelong journey will happen when you are ready and willing to implement small change habits consistently. Take action now on YOUR JOURNEY to MAKE CHANGE HAPPEN for a LIFETIME by following these few simple change habits consistently. (3)

– Choose an easy goal; walk 10,000 steps or move for 30-60 minutes daily.

– Make small behavioral changes, i.e. working out twice a week, drink 50% of your body weight in water daily.

– Focus on one change at a time, nutrition or fitness. This focus on less helps you achieve more.

– Report daily to monitor adherence and track your compliance. Optimal progress is achieved when you are 90% compliant with the established goal. (4)

– Keep a positive attitude. Remember setbacks happen; acknowledge them and move on.

– Build a support system, both social and professional support, around you consistent with your goal.

– Establish a plan specifically designed for you (link to a program designed especially for you) by seeking out experts in the health, nutrition and fitness training professions.

You are more likely to be 50-80% successful, when you establish only one goal and follow the additional change habits consistently. Lasting change happens when you introduce these new habits slowly.


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Our client’s share their stories to inspire you to follow in their paths toward good health, nutrition and physical capacity:

“I joined SLST in April of 2014, and started group personal training 2 times per week. The SLST team has helped me lose 10 pounds and get back in shape. My certified personal trainer, Jennifer Myers, is great at creating workouts that specifically target my problem areas.” -Melanie W.

“After a careful medical evaluation, San Luis Sports Therapy designed a longevity health plan for me incorporating exercise & fitness. As my needs change, Tammy Motley’s expertise, as a certified personal trainer, is enabling me to reach my goals. As an older adult still employed in a physically demanding job, I was able to increase my strength, endurance flexibility and reduce my pain medication by 80 to 90%.” -Robert B.

“I recently began a workout regimen with a certified personal trainer because I needed a change. I was unmotivated and needed something fun. I love it here! After the first two weeks I already felt stronger with more stamina and energy! Thank you San Luis Sports Therapy!” -Debra H.

“I was looking for a certified personal trainer to help me prepare for college football. J.R. Felgenhauer was recommended to me by one of my coaches to help me gain 15 pounds in muscle for performance. He was able to work with my high school schedule for appointments & with the guidance from J.R. we accomplished my goals!” -Spencer M.

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