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Happy 7 Year Anniversary Jen M.!

Jen M. has been with San Luis Sports Therapy for 7 years! A big congratulations to her!
Jen is our Certified Personal Trainer and Level One Precision Nutritionist!

Jen was also awarded the “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” award at our company wide holiday party this year!

The person most likely to be out on the town during their time off. This person truly lives up their days off in style.


Here is what Jen’s co-workers had to say about her!

“Jen always has yummy food, but she never shares with us!” – Stacy

“Jen is such a hard worker and her clients are so appreciative of her dedication!” – Antje

“Jen is super fun to be around and her laugh is infectious, I like her new glasses too! I also wish I had her dedication to working out” – Lindie

“She’s a pint-sized little bundle of energy and I wish I had an ounce of her energy! She’s also always so positive.” – Mackenzie

“Jen’s upbeat and positive attitude along with her depth of knowledge in designing the right exercise and nutrition programs contribute to her ability to motivate,encourage and challenge the client’s she works with in the SLST Results Program to achieve amazing results.” – Serena

Congratulations on 7 years with San Luis Sports Therapy Jen!

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