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Custom Fitness Program Paso Robles

Custom Fitness Program Paso Robles

If you live in Paso Robles and the surrounding area and are looking for a great place for custom fitness training, weight training, or a local fitness center, come check out San Luis Sports Therapy’s Paso Robles facility. Not only is SLST Paso a great fitness gym, it is also staffed with professional physical therapists, and licensed doctors of physical therapy.

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Our Results Program is a fitness training program that focuses not just strength training. We also incorporate flexibility and functional mobility so you get the most out of your workouts with minimal stress to the body. We offer a free consultation to receive a customized fitness training program designed specifically for you in order to address your specific goals.

We start with our Functional Movement Screen to identify any significant limitations that your body may have. This tells us if there are any major differences in mobility in either side of your body. This helps us to determine if there are imbalances in your body that can possibly cause injury through the course of your fitness regimen. This enables us to design an individual program that will allow you to reach your goals safely and more effectively. Some other fitness training centers in Paso Robles and other area gyms might just push you onto the exercise equipment without a clear understanding of your body’s limitations.

Our Custom Fitness Program gives you 4-6 weeks of individualized fitness training that is designed to correct weaknesses that your body may have. The program will also help you to increase your cardiovascular capacity, help increase flexibility, and will help your overall mobility and stability.

Each person has a different body type and different goals. Some people might be looking to increase their athletic performance through their fitness training  program, while others may be looking to just be able to walk across the room more easily and without pain. Our Results Program is geared to help you meet your fitness goals.

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Our highly educated team of fitness instructors want to help you meet all of your fitness and health goals.  That’s why we offer unlimited personal training with one of our certified personal trainers as part of our Results Program. Our program also includes access to our group training programs that are some of the best in Paso Robles and the Central Coast. Once a month we change our scientifically designed group training programs so that we are constantly creating classes that provide a dynamic and effective path to meet your fitness goals.

Personal Fitness Training for the Paso Robles area- Customer Review

Paso Robles, CA is a community that embraces health and fitness, and San Luis Sports Therapy Paso Robles is a fitness training center that embodies the spirit that this town was created on. Most Paso Robles residents are outdoors enthusiasts that are proud to take advantage of the beautiful are in which we live. Whether its hiking, bike riding, jogging, horseback riding, surfing, hunting or fishing, everyone that lives on the Central Coast and in the Paso Robles area can benefit from some kind of fitness training program that will help them enjoy the area more. Our fitness programs as well as our physical therapy programs are designed with that goal in mind.

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2014 First Annual Turkey Burn Workout & Turkey Toss!

Through our no obligations SLST Paso Robles consultation, we create a “blue print” for a program that will be tailored for you and no one else. Each and every person that we work with has an individualized program that is designed for just them, because no two people have the exact same bodies or goals. Through our consultation, we will look at your individual health history, any previous injuries you may have had, what your fitness training history is, and, of course, what your specific fitness and health goals are. As part of our Trial membership, we include fitness coaching sessions, an individualized fitness program, unlimited group fitness coaching sessions, and gym membership to our state of the art fitness center.

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