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Custom Fitness Training

Focus your fitness training.  Let us take care of you combining functional strength, flexibility, balance &  mobility exercises for  you to feel better, move your best, transform your body and lose weight.

Receive a customized fitness training program including:

  • Functional Movement Screen identifying significant limitations, or right & left side imbalances that exist in individuals at the basic level of movement.

Our Functional Movement Screen recognizes & identifies significant limitations in your right/left side imbalances. Some imbalances exist in some individuals at the very basic levels of movement. You will be screened for any imbalances that could eventually cause an injury.  This evaluation with our movement experts, Doctors of Physical Therapy, helps to ensure that your fitness program, is designed so that you are moving toward your goals safely.  We do not just throw you on a weight bench or treadmill without a full understanding of potential setbacks.

  • 4-6 weeks of individualized programming that focuses on correcting weaknesses as well as increasing flexibility, mobility, stability & cardiovascular capacity.
  • Personal training sessions with one of our professional fitness coaches.

Our team’s ultimate goal is for you to be successful while making healthy lifestyle habit changes.

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  • Access to all of our group training classes & gym membership at our fitness center.

Unlimited Group Personal Training Classes are scientifically designed, changing once a month.  The classes included provide an efficient and effective all-inclusive exercise program!

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