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Our team at San Luis Sports Therapy Paso Robles is so proud of how hard Karla has worked to achieve overall health and balance.  Her story may even bring tears to your eyes.  Karla shares her inspirational story with you below.


By Karla Murray

When I started working out at San Luis Sports Therapy nearly two years ago, I had no idea how much of an impact the benefits of improving my overall health would also keep me strong during real life situations.  My #1 goal has been to not rely on medications to live a life free of health related issues as I grow older.  While caring from my mom after my father had passed away in 2007, I did not think too much about physical fitness; walking the neighborhood was my physical activity.  I was too busy as a self-employed Mary Kay Independent Consultant, working part-time at a local winery (Tobin James) and watching over my 90-year-old mom.  My day was full, up every day at 5 am 7 days a week to be at my mom’s home by 8 am and close out the night back at my home by 8 pm.  This went on for about three years.  As time went on I could tell that my physical balance was not good and I experienced an overall weakness in my body strength.

I was introduced to San Luis Sports Therapy by a customer.  I went in for an overall analysis to see what they offered.  It was the missing piece of the puzzle in my life for overall health.  What I mean is that my goal was to take care of myself and not blame anyone about the undertaking of moving in with my mom to care for her.  When my mom passed away in 2015 at the age of 97, I wanted to be physically intact and ready to move forward in my life because my mom would have wanted that for me.  I did not want to use her as an excuse but as a reason to be well.  I knew emotionally I would grieve and I did.  But I did not want to take a painful loss and the love I had for my parents and make it more devastating with health related issues myself.  For me, “a life well lived was helping those in my life that I love the most”.  As I look back with amazement on how God has guided me to the people of SLST helping me so much to allow me to help those I love.

What surprised me the most is a custom program designed to help my body and the encouragement from my on the spot trainer, Jennifer Myers, CPT.  She helps me do everything correctly and keeps me from injuring myself.  I could see the results and feel so good about my body transformation.  The other people I work out with are so amazing and encouraging.  I LOVE THE WAY I FEEL!  The journey has been worth it!  The fact that I can wear wedge shoes and that I have balance is unbelievable!  I know it’s silly to be excited about something so simple.  What I gained was confidence to walk down a staircase not gripping the handrail for fear of falling.  I also walked confidently across a stage in front of 10,000 people to receive accolades in my Mary Kay business.  These were results I had not anticipated.

My successes came from the professional background and talent of the staff at San Luis Sports Therapy.  My hard work and my original focus of helping my mom and myself by becoming strong and staying healthy without medications continue to payoff.  It’s wonderful to have this terrific team of San Luis Sports Therapy right here in Paso Robles.

Congratulations again Karla for making MOVEMENT FOR LIFE a habit!!!!

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Fun Facts about Karla:

I have one cat named Jeepers, who was found in a Jeep.

I moved to Paso Robles from Austin, Texas in 1995.  I grew up in Manhattan Beach.


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