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Fitness Member of the Month – March 2017


Keep living an adventurous, healthy, and happy life! 

Don “V” is originally from Novato, CA located in Marin County.  He relocated to Paso Robles “for the wine…not really”.  (His sense of humor keeps us on our toes and adds a lot of laughter to our workouts.)  Don really moved to Paso Robles for his work as a pilot.  He retired nearly a year ago and still leads a busy life; yet he makes exercise and nutrition a priority.  Like many others, Don’s primary motivator is “the fear of poor health”.  He knows consistent exercise and nutrition habits can help him prevent poor health and achieve his goal of living “a healthy and happy life”.

Don shares a little about his experience at SLST Paso over the years. 

Don began his journey with SLST Paso recovering from ACL surgery in 2014.  He has enjoyed working with a personal trainer at SLST on and off over the years.  Like many physical therapy patients after their recovery period, Don started working out on his own with no direction.  He realized the program he created did not produce the results he desired.  Like many busy professionals traveling for work, he also noticed the inconsistency of working out and lack of guidance while frequently being out-of-town made it tough to stay committed to a regular fitness program.

What was Don’s turning point? 

Don has retired from flying.  He realizes, now more than ever, he needs to stay in great physical shape to continue living the active life he envisions.  Being physically active will allow him to continue doing the outdoor activities he loves like “wading around rivers with really slippery boulders searching for trout with a fly rod.”

What has he noticed working with a coach in SLST Paso’s Custom Fitness Program?   

Don was most surprised by “how easy it was to make a change in his lifestyle with some good positive encouragement.”  He feels a lot stronger than he has in many years.  When Don first started years ago he notes he could barely do five to ten squats and now he does over a hundred squats in each workout.  His muscle tone has improved significantly and he feels a lot better when he gets up in the mornings.

Don adds, “I have always had a positive experience working with the people at SLST.  They have a really good team there.  It’s the kind a team I like to be on.”

We love having Don on our team as well. 

We are honored to work with Don “V” and look forward to hearing more about his adventures in the years to come.

Don puts in maximum effort at each session, he always has a great attitude and most importantly he never gives up. He inspires me to always start off the day with a great attitude because it’s a little thing can make a big difference.  Jennifer Myers, CPT

Don’s stories about his world travels keep us entertained, especially his Montana adventures.  Thank you Don for trusting us with your health and fitness needs.   Serena R.

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