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Fitness Member of the Month – June 2017

Congratulations Polly!

Our team at San Luis Sports Therapy in Paso Robles congratulates Polly Elam on her commitment to Movement for Life!  We honor Polly as Fitness Member of the Month for June 2017.  She inspires those around her with passion for teaching around the globe, as well as her dedication to her fitness program, overall health and well-being. We thank Polly for her trust in SLSTPaso and allowing us to coach her on her journey to be her best.

“Polly’s dedication to her heatlh and desire to be her best physically never cease to amaze me.  She has a consistent awareness and practice of eating healthy whole foods and daily exercise.  Polly with her positive mindset and focus continually overcomes the “challenges” of leading a healthy lifestyle while traveling for work.  She is a pleasure to coach!   Cheers to more Movement for Life and living whatever pace of life you desire.”    Serena Roda

As Polly reflected on her experience at SLST she had both tears in her eyes…a smile on her face.

 Who’s on your team?

“I can’t do it alone…If I could do it alone, I would have already done it.”

Who would have ever thought that I would be honored as the Fitness Member of the Month at the San Luis Sports Therapy Center? As a transplant to Paso Robles, I would often walk past the windows, look inside and wonder what is this place all about. It looked like a gym and I’ve always been one who made half-hearted attempts to stay fit but I didn’t think it was a place for me. I was intimidated by the name – San Luis Sports Therapy. I was only into sports as a spectator; I’m more the cheerleader type. So I tried some other places and programs in the area but I never really stuck with them. I always convinced myself that I was active, enjoyed walking and could do it alone.

It was only after I injured my shoulder and was referred to San Luis Sports Therapy for physical therapy that I began to recognize this is the place for me. By the time my physical therapy ended I had begun to know many of the people and was looking for a reason to stay. I signed up for the complimentary strategy session where they designed a specific program just for me. I wasn’t an easy sell. I had accepted that I was getting older and losing balance and strength were to be expected. JR, who did the consultation, convinced me this program designed just for me…. My blueprint…. would be just the support I needed to keep up my energy and zest for life. It sounded great, but I didn’t think it would fit into my lifestyle.

As an Infant Specialist and Early Childhood Consultant, I travel both nationally and internationally lecturing and conducting courses. I am often away from home for many weeks at a time. How can I ever keep up with the programs when I travel? Well, SLST gave me my blueprint, cut me some bands and challenged me to walk beyond my step goals on my Fitbit when I was away from home. And Jen, my Certified Personal Trainer, always welcomes me back, listens to my stories and gets me back on track.

More recently I have been actively involved in their Nutrition for Life Program with Serena. As a person who had coronary artery bypass surgery at the age of 47, I have always tried to watch what I eat. But this program is different. It’s not a diet that I have to follow; it’s a program where I set my goals. I’m in charge but I have a Coach (Serena) who gives me daily feedback and cheers me on, reminding me that even a small positive improvement is great. Recognizing the importance of sleep to stay healthy, the plan has helped me develop rituals to improve the quality of my sleep. I’ve gone from sleeping 4.5 hours most nights to averaging 6 hours, and I’m working to make it 7 hours.

When I reflect on my history of starting and then dropping out of fitness and healthy eating, I have come to recognize the secret is having people on my team who genuinely care, understand and communicate it every day. I can’t do it alone… If I could do it alone, I would have already done it.”   Polly Elam

Who’s on your team?

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