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Fitness Member of the Month – April 2017

Congratulations Pat Rath!

Watch out for a “newbie” with determination.  The sky is the limit.

Pat participates in Ultimate Results Personal Training guided and customized exercise sessions two to three times per week.  She now finds success and confidence in meeting her exercise performance goals while gaining strength and improving her balance.  Pat continues to address and not ignore occasional acute pains which arise with her physically active life keeping up with her grandson, volunteer responsibilities, and house work.

Pat is definitely someone who is determined to continue to perform comfortably at higher physical levels than she has in years.  She has mentioned on several occasions the bond, motivation, and strength she gains from working out consistently with the same group of women for more than a year now helps her improve her overall sense of well-being.   She has shown an unbelievable commitment to improving her health and taking control of those pesky aches and pains that were keeping her from enjoying her life.

Our team at San Luis Sports Therapy commends Pat for her dedication and consistency!

Pat is gracious enough to share her more on her fitness journey.

“I retired after working professionally for more than 40 years.  Having worked extremely long hours, in addition to raising my son, I could never find time to go to a gym.  Week days and weekends, I was BUSY and on-the-move (or so I thought).  By 2010, I was not only tired, but very out of shape.

After retiring, I had 4 operations in 5 years and realized that I needed to work on balance, strength, and cardio.  Without a change in my behavior, my best day would have been yesterday!

I first came to San Luis Sports Therapy in Paso Robles as a physical therapy patient.  Serena was my physical therapist.  We worked together almost 6 months my first year.  She was the perfect therapist for me!  I became well enough to be able to commit to a personal training program to improve my health.

Taking that first step as a “newbie” in a gym environment was daunting, but I was determined.  Although I started at “baby steps,” I was amazed to see the strength and fitness of the other women around me.  I was not only inspired but found that I looked forward to coming to the gym.  This translated into consistency and improvement.

I am one of those people who looks healthier than I am.  I hid pain for decades.  So, when asked how I feel now, I can say that I measure that by realizing that I might have 5 days a month where I hurt considerably instead of 15 or 20 days.  Not having to pretend that I am well is a relief in itself!

Those of us in training programs will complete a program and then move to a more challenging or inclusive one.  Each time, I reach and exceed my short-term goals for balance, strength, and cardio; I am more and more committed to the long-term goals of improved health, well-being, and confidence.  Sometimes it is absolutely surprising to see the positive changes and improvements.  I don’t realize how much I am improving until I get a new a set of exercises.  Not only that, each of the women in my exercise group sees both the maintenance and improvements in each other and we happily cheer for the successes of one another!  Just watching the wonderful, committed individuals in my group inspires me to keep going. Their encouragement and support makes me feel strong.

I have a wonderful son and family, especially my 10-year-old grandson.  Being active, available, and able to be playful with him is essential to my mental and physical health.  Special thanks to Jen, my personal trainer, the staff and my many friends and acquaintances at San Luis Sports Therapy in Paso Robles.  My fitness and wellness have improve, continue to improve and being an active participant is now a way of life.”

Congratulations again Pat for making MOVEMENT FOR LIFE a habit!!!!

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