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Fitness Friday – Softball Championships!

Back Row L-R: Jeff, Anthony, Kyle, Nick, Nathan, Marcos. Front Row L-R: Rachael, Stacy, Dupree, Michaela, Emily, Katie. Not pictured: Jen


Happy FITNESS FRIDAY, we’re recognizing our Softball Team!

Our San Luis Sports Therapy Adult Softball team made it to the Championships last night. It was a heated game but the cold wind and rain kept them calm and cool.

Their first game kicked off at 7:40 pm against “Skeleton Kru”. Our team, “Team M4L,”¬†started strong and kept the momentum going. The Kru put up a good fight with some great hits and running but Team M4L took the game! Immediately after winning, team M4L grabbed their gloves and headed to the next field where their worthy opponents, team “Where my Pitches @ ?”, were ready and waiting. The Championship game started at approximately 9:00 pm. The better team won, leaving Team M4L sitting pretty in second place, but not without some pretty amazing plays! Check out their stats and some fun facts about each player below!

Emily Plale
Emily lead the team to the Championship with her encouraging screams from the sidelines.
Emily has been coaching our softball team for 4 seasons.
Emily defies the odds and plays in denim.

Stacy Andersen
Second Baseman
Stacy caught pop flies and was hitting like an all-star.
Stacy’s feet caught fire last night and she ran like a bat out of hell. (With screaming encouragement from Anthony and his kids).
Stacy’s professional technique is to just laugh, hysterically, the whole game.

Jen Seay
Third Baseman
Jen’s got a cannon, she gets the ball from third to first base fast for multiple outs throughout the season.
Jen is a heavy hitter for a little lady.
Jen brought team spirit all the way from the Grand Canyon last night, keeping up with the game and cheering on her team, she never lost faith.

Katie Farley
Outfield/Third Baseman
Katie typically handles the outfield but stepped up to the plate (lol) and played Third base for Jen who was out on vacation last night.
Katie LITERALLY crawled to third base last night for an out.
Katie caught a bullet thrown to her from Jeff for another out.

Jeff Akins
First Baseman
Jeff learned how flexible he is by almost doing the splits, multiple times.
Jeff caught a line drive for an out and hit a home run in the Championship game .
Jeff’s brakes don’t work, thank goodness for the fence most games, or he’d just keep going.
Jeff threw the ball at the ground once. It’s wasn’t good but it was hilarious.

Anthony Armstrong
Short Stop/Everywhere
Anthony is lucky we still let him play since he abandoned us at the clinic.
Anthony is always very encouraging, he’s always giving positive feedback¬†to everyone.

Anthony plays short stop, but some how ends up everywhere on the field.
Anthony plays softball like he’s on the diving team. He ends up covered in dirt most nights due to sliding or diving to a base.

Kyle Hamelin
Center field
Kyle caught a pop fly last night, then took a seat, on the wet field.
Kyle communicates with outfield on where to play.
Kyle caught multiple pop flies in the Championship game for multiple outs.

Michaela Dishno
Michaela runs the bases like a champ.
Michaela had a pop fly in her hands last night but due to the extremely slippery, wet ball it slid out of her glove, but it was a beautiful catch to watch.
Michaela was sick two days prior but sucked it up and brought her A-Game last night.

Marcos Monroy
Marcos is the King of walks.
Marcos is a heavy hitter, when he gets to hit.
Marcos made some great throws from the outfield in the championship game.

Nick Ouellette
Nick is also an umpire when he’s not playing.
Nick has very strategic pitching style.
Nick’s pitching keeps the opposing team on their toes.

Nathan Taylor
Nathan did a “magic trick” last night by catching a pop fly that disappeared and he pulled out of his shirt.
Nathan is a good hitter and scored the winning run for one of the games.
Nathan has a good team of cheerleaders with his sister as the coach and his family in the stands.

Rachael Petti
Rachael recently joined the San Luis Sports Therapy Paso Robles Clinic AND the M4L Softball team.
Rachael’s first at bat ever playing was a line drive past short stop.
Rachael only played four games with team M4L but she definitely benefited the team.

Dupree Dial
Dupree is always in shorts, even in the freezing rain.
Dupree is a lefty, this always throws pitchers off.
Dupree is always giving it her all to catch foul ball to get an out.

Antje Knott
Team MVP/Head Captain Cheerleader
Antje shows up no matter what the weather is…sleet, snow, rain, thunder, fire, earthquake, etc.
Antje is the team mascot, for obvious reasons.
Antje is the protector of the beverages.

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