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Fitness Friday – Metabolic Class

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This weeks Fitness Friday is featuring one of our Metabolic Classes with Certified Personal Trainer, Jen Myers.
Our classes are customized to meet each individuals needs, as you will see examples of in this video!
The metabolic class started with a one mile warm-up giving members the option of 4 laps around the block, using the elliptical machine or the rowing machine. After the one mile warm up and some hamstring progression stretches, they got into the fun stuff!

The class split into two groups to complete the metabolic workout Jen had planned for them.
Group one started with burpees, Medicine Ball Tosses and Box Jumps. Jen gave them one minute to complete 5 repetitions of each. If you finished quicker than a minute, you got to rest in between!
As you can see, some burpees were modified with push-ups on the knees, to elevated push ups. These modifications are made by our Certified Personal Trainers based on their clients abilities or level of current physical capabilities. Medicine ball tosses can be modified with the weight of the ball and box jumps by the height of the box.

While group one worked on their burpees, MB tosses and box jumps, group two was doing repetitions of Kettle Bell swings and Pull aparts. This was an easier set of exercises but a much appreciated break from the first set when the groups switched!

There is nothing fancy to this video, these are real members really kicking butt! Great job everyone! Keep up the great work!

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