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Fitness Friday – Marathon Prep!

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With the SLO Marathon this weekend we have decided to dedicate our Fitness Friday to some helpful marathon preparation tips!


This one seems simple enough, but it is key! Dehydration can lead to some pretty lame situations like light-headiness and cramps! Take it easy though, don’t chug too fast, you’ll regret that too! Just drink it up, nice and easy!



This will prevent tightness, soreness and injury during your race. Do some yoga, roll around on the living room floor with a foam roller, watch some stretch videos on YouTube, whatever you do STRETCH!!



Avoid anything spicy/new/crazy/alcoholic. You’ll have plenty of time for that later. Eat food that gives you protein and energy!



This is, obviously, always important! Duh! But really, wear something comfortable, don’t try any new running clothes or shoes! Wear nice, broken in, comfy clothes that you have run in before! Bonus points if they’re cute!



This is almost as important as the outfit! Seriously though, prep your playlist! Lots of motivational music from the favorites, T. Swift, Queen Bey, Gansta’s Paradise…Whatever it is that keeps you pumped. No one can hear what’s bumping in your head phones, so, no judgement! Bonus if you dance across the finish line!



Set your alarm and set it early! This one may also seem simple enough, but just ask our Physical Therapist Jen Seay how important this one is! Hehehe, but don’t tell her I told you! Give yourself enough time to eat, drive, park, stretch, prep, meditate, whatever you need to do!

Lastly, for any post run needs, be sure to stop by the San Luis Sports Therapy tent! We will gladly assist you and provide you with a well deserved high five for a job well done!
Good Luck Runners! We will see you at the finish line!
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