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February 2015 – Members of the Month!

Kathleen & Keith Belmont
SLST – Paso Robles Members of the Month for February 2015!

If you’ve been into San Luis Sports Therapy – Paso Robles, you’ll likely recognize these familiar faces!
Kathleen and Keith are dedicated to their health and fitness and we enjoy getting to help them grow in their fitness needs! Plus, they’re some pretty awesome people! They recently starred in our “Central Coast Medical” segment, click HERE to check them out in action!
Kathleen & Keith were presented with our February 2015 Member of the Month for outstanding physical gains and participation in our fitness programs!
Great job Keith & Kathleen!

SLST Member of the Month

Kathleen is a native Paso Roblan. Keith was born in Virginia but moved here as a child. We have been members of SLST for 10 years. Between Physical Therapy for various issues and exercise for fitness–which is a top priority–SLST has kept us moving healthily along. Our goal is simply to maintain the strength and stamina we have.

“We have 2 boys in their early 30’s. When we get together we like to camp, hike and/or do some fun activity. We are retired now but find life busier than ever! Maintaining our fitness helps us keep up with whatever comes along. Kathleen’s biggest fitness accomplishment (of 2014) was doing 5 pull-ups! There are so many great recipes out there but one of our favorites, and one we keep returning to, is simply roasted vegetables with olive oil, rosemary, salt and pepper. It’s easy, healthy and delicious!”

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SLST Member of the Month

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