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Have you ever tried to make a few subtle or even drastic adjustments to your workouts and nutrition?  Only then to find yourself frustrated because you are not making progress and eventually you altogether stop your efforts.  Maybe, you have even felt sick or hurt yourself in the past while you attempted to BOOST YOUR ENERGY?  Well, take a moment to pause with a deep breath.  We want you to know that our highly educated team at SLST Paso Robles is here to ease your frustration and help you overcome barriers with an integrated Program Designed Especially for You to BOOST YOUR ENERGY!

We naturally would advise you to steer clear of promises for quick or rapid results.  Depending on your readiness to change, we will provide you with a personalized NUTRITION and FITNESS TRAINING action plan.  This action plan includes individualized coaching on your comprehensive BOOST YOUR ENERGY program which is adjusted every 4-6 weeks as you adapt to your long-term lifestyle habits.  Our coaches assess your starting point, when you schedule your no-obligations complimentary consultation.


Rest assured, your program to BOOST YOUR ENERGY does NOT include extreme diets or brutal workouts. Now this is not to say that there won’t be times during which  you feel uncomfortable making adjustments to your current habits. We understand change can be challenging, however needed, on your journey toward feeling energized. We encourage and coach you through these changes with new beginnings on food choices for better NUTRITION and individualized exercises for safe and fun FITNESS TRAINING.

The Program Designed Especially for You to BOOST YOUR ENERGY includes


Social Support


Fitness Training

Action Plans



On your journey to BOOST YOUR ENERGY,

keep in mind that to achieve steady sustained energy levels

you will be developing a balanced metabolism

which takes time and commitment.

The effects of nutrition improvements and fitness training

 are unique to each individual.

In a matter of weeks, you will notice a satisfying, yet dissipating, soreness indicating physical changes within your body.  This healthy soreness is an indication of improvements, including muscle definition and connective tissue tension surrounding your joints, allowing you to move more comfortably. Your exercises will heighten your sense of awareness and elevate your mood. Your cravings for sweets and stimulants eventually diminish.

 Ultimately, you will know your personalized SLST nutrition and fitness training plan are achieving your desired energizing metabolic effects when you are feeling spry, focused and satisfied without hunger pangs or discomfort!




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