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Angel Tree is back!

Back by popular demand!
San Luis Sports Therapy – Paso Robles is once again participating in the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program!

This is a program that benefits local children in need, we had such a wonderful response last year we decided to once again take on some “angels.”
If you would like to sponsor a child, or “angel”, stop by the clinic today!
1345 Park Street
Paso Robles, CA 93446

Angel Tree Flier


The story that encouraged our angel tree program is a story of one of our own. Please take a moment to read what an impact this amazing program can have on the children.

I was often the child that was seen, but not heard. I was taught not to cry or complain and to learn to entertain myself for extended periods of time unsupervised often feeling like the forgotten child. Our family was not wealthy, in fact we weren’t even able to make ends meet. I remember thinking kids who actually get birthday parties are rich, and that Santa has limited quantity of gifts to give so I better not whine, in fear I would end up on the naughty list and ruin my chances for next year. I would have liked to say that the holidays were full of joy regardless of the lack of presents or an abundance of food, but the the holidays were sad. Just absolutely sad. There were always some conflict between relatives that resulted in calling the police, the mandatory expectation to constantly interpret for my mother for forced conversations between relatives (My biological mother was born deaf, only my brothers and myself are fluent in sign language) which often lead to arguments and violence no child should witness let alone involuntary be a part of.

Considering the huge age gap between my brothers and myself (10 years) I often felt alone, & lost. My brothers had assumed more of fatherly figures, due to never have meeting my own father and the constant absence of our mother. They made my lunches, taught me how to ride a bike, and tie my shoes but when they graduated high school they both enlisted in the Marines, leaving me on what felt like an island.

Fortunately for me my biological mother picked herself over me by leaving me in the care of my grandmother, which was an absolute blessing. Even though my grandmother’s home was just a little run down farmhouse, I didn’t mind, living with grandma was like living in the Taj Mahal and I got fed 3 times a day! But like I previously stated before, we were not a wealthy family or even blue-collared. My grandma was the person who signed me up for the angel tree. She was an amazing selfless woman who was always looked out for my brothers and myself. The Christmas Angel Tree delivered to my grandmas was to be honest, uncomfortable. Not because the staff members were unkind, but because I was so used to not trusting adults I didn’t know what to think or say. I was so unaccustomed  to people just being nice out of the kindness of their heart, I felt suspicious of their intent. It wasn’t until they left that I realized, I wasn’t forgotten this year, I mattered to someone even if it was to a complete stranger. This is one of many instances that made me realize that there is good in this world and not everything or everyone is out to hurt you. Occasions like this makes me love my community & where I’m from. I’m proud to say my community is my family.

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