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A Program Designed Especially For You!

A Program Designed Especially For You!

San Luis Sports Therapy Fitness Coaching

A Program Designed for YOU!

Custom Fitness Program

Our Complimentary No-obligations SLST Consultation

Before we take you through a workout, we first want to take the time to find out what you specifically need by performing our complimentary, no-obligations SLST consultation.

This blue print is the very specific plans that we will use to design the program to get you to your individual goals.

Every single person who works out at SLST Paso has a blue print designed for them.

During your SLST Consultation one of our professionally trained coaches

will meet with you to learn about your:

Health History

Previous Injuries

Training History

Specific Goals

You will then receive a Quick Fit Screening and Functional Movement Screeen, measuring your basic vital signs to assess the current condition of your body to ensure that San Luis Sports Therapy’s Fitness Program is the best fit for you! As a result from your Quick Fit Screen, you will obtain a one page summary explaining your current health status & a fitness blue print designed for you.  Your professionally trained coach will then guide you through the best fitness program to suit your needs & desired goals!

For example, we will learn about any imbalances you may have that could eventually cause an injury or place you at increased health risk.  The screening is scored from 0-100 percent, 100 percent being perfectly balanced with no health risk factors.  You will get a score that will be incorporated into your blue print and your coach will guide you on what the next best step is for you.  If you score above 70 percent we are comfortable with you joining our group coaching classes right away.  Our group coaching classes are written as a general program so before you join them we want to make sure you are ready for them.  If you score under 70 percent we would want you to spend a few weeks making sure you are ready for the group coaching classes by attending only your semi-private sessions that include a program written specifically for you to get you and will help get you ready for the classes.  This program will include correcting any imbalance you have and will be done in a semi-private setting.


Our Trial Membership Includes: 

Fitness Coaching Sessions

An Individualized Program

Unlimited Group Fitness Coaching Sessions

Gym Membership



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